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New Roots Music

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In a bid to 'get on the festival scene' in 2011/2012 saw a young CC Smugglers enter a battle of the bands at 'Rockfields Country Music Festival'.The prize was to win £1000 recording time at the famous Monnow Valley Studios. Wet behind the ears but with years of street performance experience we bagged the top prize.
We went in the studio with the giddy freedom that free top studio time can give you. Along with our longtime producer/mentor Nick Mailing to see if we could make something altogether different. This album saw us conceive the style and freedom that ultimately became the big band sound of CC Smugglers we know today.
Shortly after printing a thousand copies and slowly peddling them on the street or at our low level dingey club gigs, we found ourselves busking our way on stage with Old Crow Medicine Show and in to a two-page-spread in the Sunday Times...joined by our newest addition fiddler and guitarist; local boy Sam Barrett.
With Sam newly in the band we recorded 'Write what you know E.P.'
At the time we felt that 'New Roots music' didn't represent us anymore and so was put down to a "practise go" before really cracking on.
Now we feel it's time to invite you to explore our roots. It's rough and scrappy at places but boy is it part of the story.

1000 Hard Copies released 2012

Digitally released November 8, 2019

Produced and mixed by Nick Mailing.
Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at Soundmasters.

Artwork by Dev Patel and SImon Barker and Richie Prynne

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