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Advice for musicians from the pros

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

A collection of advice from some people who should know their sh*t.

This is just a start... got more? Disagree? Leave it in the comments...


THE Ray Charles gives you his advice... What more could you want?

Ed Sheeran, love him, loathe him you can't deny that ginger brother did well. Here's his take and it boils down to hours.

Dave Grohl... Get your live show in order. Full Stop.

Damian Keyes - Damian was the founder of B.I.M.M. and man does he have some good ideas. This isn't just about this one video, his whole ethos is to educate. Check out his hundreds of musician-advice videos...

Jordan Peterson - is a Canadian clinical psychologist and a professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. Although he doesn't lecture about music specifically he has become one of the worlds leading motivation lecturers and his advice has changed lives.Take heed.

(Also his book 12 rules for life is a game changer:

Nick Gatfield - Chairman and CEO of Sony Music UK. Whether you spend the rest of your careers independent and thriving or if you sign that mystic 'record deal' with a major like Sony music... Nick probably has a relevant opinion...

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