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Pledge Music. Read all about it.

So if you don't know, PledgeMusic were the original beacons of hope for independent musicians. They created a world in which musicians could survive without a record deal. Then, allegedly, they (some greedy immoral executives at the very top) did the ultimate dirty. They bled the company dry, paid themselves millions, and wound the company up owing between 7 and 11 million dollars to artistz and fans across the world. It was bad. Very bad. Here is just some of the coverage on the issue. Were you affected? How did you cope? Share your journey with everyone in the comments.


Digital Music News cover the whole saga in timeline form... the rise and fall

Pitchfork article from may 2019 captures the sentiment well but still talks of 'bankruptcy' and 1- 3 million dollars overall debt. Since this article that figure rose to 7-11 million in some estimates and 'bankruptcy' turned in to a 'wind up order' which ultimately is MUCH worse for artists...

(Podcast) Canadian musician radio and CEO of 'Bandzoogle' discuss "After Pledgemusic still a Viable option for artists?

The day music died. BBC's tech-insider coverage (including interview from yours truly).

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