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"One of the best front-people I've seen. Astounding. Great musicianship and the joy of playing music to a live audience is there for all to see Richie..."


The journey

Richie talks on BBC Radio 6 Music about his struggles with Dyspraxia, his roots as a young street performer, his whirlwind adventures as an international touring artist and the most recent and cruel twist of fate which shows him rebuilding from the ashes of his career.

If you want to see more about Richies roots as a young street performer and his adventures leading CC Smugglers on their greatest Guerrila Busking expedition - check out the Documentary series filmed at the time 'Standing On The Street'

Or check out the full BBC Radio 6 Music interview with Cerys Matthews here.

Why did CC Smugglers
split up and what now?
A broken band, stolen pension &
Three New Albums...

2019 was a roller coaster... Check out the video to see how my Dad lost £30k from his pension. With our careers in tatters and my family battered I have made a promise that before I put another show on the road I will return every single penny that was stolen from us.

This website is my attempt to bring together the story, the updates and my idea of creating a community for music lovers and independent artists in an age of musical devaluation, globalisation and technical revolution.

What the hell happened?

From touring the world, hanging out with royalty, musical A-listers and gracing some of the most credible stages in Europe... virutal bankruptcy and a career in ashes.


Here Richie talks on BBC Radio 6 Music about his reservations for an unsustainable music industry and the scandal that was PledgeMusic - a crowdfunding company responsible for leaving Richie and his Dad £30,000 in debt. His plans to make back the money and claw back a career as a touring showman and original artist.

My solution is music:

Three Brand New Digital Releases for download:

Before I can take a step on stage again I am totally committed to recovering the £30,000 my Dad and I lost in the PledgeMusic Scandal... and here's how - Three Quality New Album releases available here:


Keep in touch with real time updates and be a part of this journey

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"Musicians or music lovers; we need to create a sustainable world..."

Wether you play or you listen... if we don't create a sustainable industry to support artists in this digital revolution... we will loose the very uniqueness we have grown to expect and adore... Are there better ways for the music to survive?

Todays music industry is evolving exponentially. 'Record sales' are dead. Tracks earn on average 0.0032p per play. How can musicians survive? How can music fans consume music in a way that is sustainable? Here I've tried to compile just some of the ways that, just maybe, crazy, unique, independent artists are evolving to thrive in this new world... My idea is to start building communities:


Stream Richie's entire catalogue for free...

Nowadays music is available at a click of a button. What a wonderful world we live in and I'm no stranger to it.


So everything I've worked on is available to you, across all streaming platforms. It truly makes me happy that anything I've ever created has the potential to be enjoyed across the world. However life in the industry is hard at the best of times, especially when you're trying to rebuild a career... that's why I put it to you:

If you like anything you hear and want to join me on this journey then look in to investing in to the records. I've tried to make it really easy for you to buy the music, where possible, for the value you see fit.

If you can't afford it though, that's ok there are other ways you can help!! Follow me on social media, share some of my posts on facebook or go tell people about what we're doing here. Thanks for coming this far x Welcome to the team

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Richie Prynnes unique brand of self promotion earned him a reputation as an innovator and a showman. Watch the documentary that follows him and his band making that very name for themselves feat. Americas own, two-time Grammy Awards winners 'Old Crow Medicine Show'

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